5 Small Ways to Regain an Embodied Life

Embodiment can mean different things to different people. My view is that when we are in complete connection with our mind, body and soul, and able to maintain this connection even when being put under stress and pressure from external forces, we are embodied.
Let's Shake

Why Do I Love to Shake?

For me shaking is not only a chance to reenergise reset and relax, but a way of letting my hair down and to have fun with others. Almost as if we’re all on the magical island of Ibiza.

Let’s Shake

Shaking is the oldest and newest self-care tool on Earth. It is our bodies natural response to releasing stress, tension and trauma. A simple yet powerful technique.

Become The Change in 66 Days

When you think about your habits, what springs to mind? Have you ever wondered how you ended up with these habits? Were they consciously formed?

2020, A Reflection

As we near the end of one of the most extraordinary years many of us have experienced in our lifetime, I wanted to take the time to reflect.
Meditation Cat

5 Small Ways to Help Meditation Work for You

For me, meditation is the action of letting go and clearing the mind of all the clutter, paving the way for creativity to arise and/or reminders to pop up. A bit like an internal calendar.

New Endings

A lot of focus is put on new beginnings in life, but we tend to forget to talk about the endings.