5 Small Ways to Handle Dry January

“Genuine pleasure needs no excuses” – Allen Carr

Dry January has been around for a number of years now. First introduced by Alcohol Change UK, the idea is to not drink alcohol for the month of January.

When I worked in The City of London, people used to laugh and joke about it (including me!), posting status updates with a glass of wine in hand with comments like “new year, same me!”. Some (big drinker) colleagues would have a go and raise money for charity, much to the disbelief of many! They rarely finished the month.

This is my second “Dry January” as I have not drunk alcohol in 20 months. I now think very differently about this campaign, and would urge anyone who is sick and tired of hangovers to at least give it a try and see how it feels. Even if it’s just for the next few weeks left of January.

Here are 5 Small Ways to Handle Dry January (or any time of the year). It doesn’t have to be a January:

  1. Plan different forms of entertainment e.g. cinema, coffee shops, that Yoga Nidra or Shake & Release class you’ve been meaning to try 😉 If you do go out, take the car, enjoy the dessert menu with dinner, always have an alcohol-free drink idea in your mind, focus on the conversation, and take yourself out of buying rounds of drinks.
  2. Keep busy. When boredom strikes this can be when the craving for alcohol shouts loudest.
  3. Be prepared to talk about it. People have enquiring minds and will always be interested or just plain nosey!
  4. Go with the sugar cravings, eat that chocolate bar. They can be strong.
  5. Enjoy the benefits e.g. better sleep, glowing skin, a few kg’s lost. There are so many!

If you are taking a break from alcohol and would like some support and guidance please do contact me to arrange a free consultation.


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