5 Small Ways You Know You Are Ready To Become The Change

  1. You become challenged. This year has shown us all that nothing is truly certain in life. But what is certain, is that we have a choice of how to respond to life’s curve balls. Change can form part of a growth process that is essential if we are to move forward and not allow unsettling times to break our spirits.
  2. You become intuitive. Something inside you is telling you. You just know. You might not know exactly what it is you need to change, but you are aware something isn’t quite right. Whatever you prefer to call it, a gut feeling, intuition or your inner voice, maybe it’s time to start listening.
  3. You become aware. You might start to think that your usual way of doing things doesn’t quite match up with how you want your future to look. The habits that have been part of your life for so long are now holding you back. Once you start to become aware of this, you might feel angry about those habits. If you channel this anger in a positive way, you might be surprised at how this turns into a determination to become the change.
  4. You become inspired. You start watching / reading / listening / scrolling content that offers insight into a variety of different perspectives. This could be anything from health and wellness, to personal and professional development, all of which can spark an interest to make a change.
  5. You become attentive. The little things grab your attention more. From stopping to smell the flowers in a park, to listening to the birds sing. When we are rushing around on the treadmill of life, we miss these small yet beautiful moments, that allow us to just “be”.

If your search for something more meaningful has begun and you’d like a guiding hand to Become The Change, please do contact me for a free consultation. When you know, you know.


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