Lockdown Learnings

I’d like to share with you a few things that I’ve learnt during my time indoors.

  • Whatever works. Early on there was a beautiful realisation that “we are all in this together”. With funny “lockdown memes” quickly doing the rounds and nightly clapping on our balconies to celebrate the “key workers”. But we are also all unique individuals with different ways of coping, so whatever works, let’s keep doing that.
  • Company. Having a pet has been great company. I took in a rescue cat not long before this all started, and he has kept me thoroughly entertained. From trying to climb up to the top of the cabinets, to learning how to open the kitchen drawers. He is a rascal!
  • Treats have been a must have. My go to’s are dipping Arabic bread into red pepper hummus, and devouring Fruitella snakes and vegan chocolate.
  • What to do on the Weekends. I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled the most with what to do with myself at the weekends. During the week we can generally keep ourselves pretty busy with new routines, working, studying, and for parents, home schooling the children. Then the weekend arrives and suddenly there is a lot more free time on our hands! I’ve spent most of my weekends watching classic movies, like Casablanca, Gandhi, Gone with the Wind and Out of Africa, with some lasting 3 hours! 
  • Trying new things, is not something I set out to do immediately as I was quite content with my routine of online yoga classes with my regular instructors. But, along the way I’ve become more open to alternative exercise and found Kundalini yoga – an enlightening style of yoga that concentrates on movement and zestful breathing.
  • Online shopping. Living in the land of malls I’ve never felt the need to do much online shopping. Now I’m all over it with clothes even being delivered to my door from Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Online catch ups with friends. From deep and meaningfuls with my oldest friends to the weekly Dubai Quarantine Quiz, with new. It’s been awesome!
  • Routine. I’ve been so caught up in my new routine that when something changed the whole day went skewwhiff, which I actually found quite amusing. Having a regular routine during lockdown is incredibly helpful for our mindset. But things don’t always go to plan so when they don’t it’s best to smile, readjust and carry on with the day.
  • Time is an illusion, according to the great Albert Einstein. The days appear to go by so quickly yet thinking back to when I watched Gone with The Wind seems like months ago!
  • New skills. I’ve completed one online course, but sadly I’ve not mastered the ukulele which I’ve owned for a while; I’ve not even picked it up! 


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